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[ goh-round ]

go round


  1. same as go around

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Example Sentences

You need some scuff marks from the great merry-go-round we call life.

When he finally emerged in “a country lane,” he felt as if he had “jumped off a merry-go-round.”

The worst thing they do is break into a zoo and ride the merry-go-round.

Anybody can push a merry-go-round, or push their buddy on sled down a hill.

You know, our side would have gotten more votes this go-round, but I want people to have to fight to win the whole state.

Let your orders for preparation go round tonight, so that your knaves may be ready to set out betimes to-morrow.

We don't go round lookin' for trouble, but if it comes our way we don't mind it one little bit.

Make a chain of about forty stitches, or one long enough to go round the wrist; Dc one row.

I wanted to go round my trenches, but a party of recruits came in just at that time; one was hit on the road half a mile back.

Later the General came along to see about things, and I had to go round with him.


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