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go through


  1. adverb to be approved or accepted

    the amendment went through

  2. preposition to consume; exhaust

    we went through our supplies in a day

    some men go through a pair of socks in no time

  3. Alsogo over preposition to examine and revise as necessary

    he went through the figures

  4. preposition to suffer

    she went through tremendous pain

  5. Alsogo over preposition to rehearse

    let's just go through the details again

  6. Alsogo over preposition to clean

    she went through the cupboards in the spring-cleaning

  7. preposition to participate in

    she went through the degree ceremony without getting too nervous

  8. adverbfoll bywith to bring to a successful conclusion, often by persistence
  9. preposition (of a book) to be published in

    that book has gone through three printings this year alone

  10. to proceed to the next round of a competition

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Example Sentences

Men's Rights Activist "I have a lot of empathy for men, and the pressures that they go through."

How could I go through what I had been through and come out the same?

You go through your day making the energy you need for typical activities, and this usually stays fairly constant.

You know, you go through this huge process of being pregnant, the woman carries the baby, and then in one second this is it.

This time he decline to offer an adjective, said he would leave it to others to go through the tea leaves of the election.

"It will go through, if I live," calmly replied Harry, as he carefully concealed the message in the lining of his coat.

Many persons go through life without ever meeting the person they wish to, or they don't know him when they do.

Deppe believes that one must go through successive steps of preparation before one is fitted to attack the great concert works.

Jones shewed us a road that took us a quarter of a mile below Watertown bridge, as we did not chuse to go through that town.

Do you think he must go down to the ground again and go through all the work he had in climbing the first tree?


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