go together

verb(intr, adverb)
  1. to be mutually suited; harmonize: the colours go well together

  2. informal (of two people) to have a romantic or sexual relationship: they had been going together for two years

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How to use go together in a sentence

  • And knowing that bunch as well as I do, I don't think they'll lift the plunder and quit the country till they can go together.

    Raw Gold | Bertrand W. Sinclair
  • They mostly go together, women and trouble; and the prettier the women are, the greater the trouble, that's my experience.

    The Light That Lures | Percy Brebner
  • I couldn't help wanting to go, because we always go together, and she was sorry too.

    The Story of the Big Front Door | Mary Finley Leonard
  • I speak of the chairs, but if we go together into the "room" they will not be visible to you.

    A Window in Thrums | J. M. Barrie
  • Wouldn't it be good if we could go together—to the war, I mean!

    Tom Slade with the Colors | Percy K. Fitzhugh

Other Idioms and Phrases with go together

go together

Be mutually suitable, appropriate, or harmonious, as in Pink and purple can go together well, or I don't think champagne and meatloaf go together. [c. 1600]

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