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go under


  1. also preposition to sink below (a surface)
  2. to founder or drown
  3. to be conquered or overwhelmed

    the firm went under in the economic crisis

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Example Sentences

Mrs. Douli then watched her husband go under water for the last time.

There were two cars, so the camera sees one taxi go under the bridge, then it pans and sees another car drive up to the station.

Those who go under the knife usually believe surgery would improve all aspects of their lives.

Cosmetic procedures are exploding in China, as more and more women go under the knife to get ahead.

Today, fewer than 55 percent of newborn boys go under the knife.

"We cannot take the responsibility of letting you go under a week yet," said Maud Barrington.

A like number will probably go under Walsingham about the 20th or 25th of this month, with the fleet to the West Indies.

I could go under and be happy; go to old Triton, and wait for you; teach him to speak your proper Christian name.

I'm not an object of charity, and if I can't meet fair competition I must go under, and it's right that I should go under.'

On the first day we were there, I saw a third victim go under the drift of a small island within sight of his shrieking wife.


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