go up

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verb (intr, mainly adverb)
(also preposition) to move or lead to or as if to a higher place or level; rise; increaseprices are always going up; the curtain goes up at eight o'clock; new buildings are going up all around us
to be destroyedthe house went up in flames
British to go or return (to college or university) at the beginning of a term or academic year
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How to use go up in a sentence

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go up


Be put up, as in New buildings are going up all over town.


Rise; increase. For example, His temperature is going up at an alarming rate, or The costs of construction are going up all the time. [Late 1800s]


Also, be gone up. Be destroyed, ruined, done for; also, die, be killed. For example, If we're not back in a week, you'll know we've gone up, or In spite of our efforts, the plans for a new library are gone up. [Slang; mid-1800s]


Forget one's lines on the stage or make a mistake in performing music. For example, Don't worry, you know your part and you won't go up, or He went up in the last movement of the sonata. [Slang; 1960s] Also see the subsequent idioms beginning with go up.

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