go without

  1. mainly British to be denied or deprived of (something, esp food): if you don't like your tea you can go without

  2. that goes without saying that is obvious or self-evident

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How to use go without in a sentence

  • But she told Grandfather Mole that it was all right—that she knew a person of his age ought not to go without his breakfast.

    The Tale of Grandfather Mole | Arthur Scott Bailey
  • It was as far north as Porter could hope to go without being surrounded by enemies.

  • "We could not let you go without a word, and you will come back to us with your innocence made clear," she said.

    Winston of the Prairie | Harold Bindloss
  • As God never lets such zeal go without assistance, this mother found help in time of need.

  • She understood that he was preparing to leave, and that he had probably decided to go without seeing her.

    Summer | Edith Wharton