[ goh-ding ]
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  1. the act of pricking, prodding, driving, or inciting with or as if with a goad: After a little goading from the crowd, he grabbed another habanero pepper and ate the whole darn thing.

  1. pricking or prodding with or as if with a goad; driving or inciting: It's precisely this unstable combination of insecurity and superiority that generates a goading need to prove oneself.

Origin of goading

First recorded in 1540–50; goad + -ing1 for the noun; goad + -ing2 for the adjective

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How to use goading in a sentence

  • And when the realization did come it had the effect of goading them on to more furious effort.

  • In spite of his reassuring words, the woman caught the full meaning of the goading sharpness in his voice.

    The Winning Clue | James Hay, Jr.
  • Trymore and Pringle, goading their horses frantically, were doing their utmost to get away from their vengeful comrades.

    Motor Matt's Mystery | Stanley R. Matthews
  • Lass went without any flicking with a switch, or mirthful goading of hard young heels that afternoon.

    The Pioneers | Katharine Susannah Prichard
  • I saw through his game of getting satisfaction out of John Paul thro' goading me, and determined he should have his fill of it.

    Richard Carvel, Complete | Winston Churchill