goat cheese


  1. a cheese containing goat's milk, either alone or mixed with cow's milk, usually having a stronger flavor than one made of cow's milk alone.

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Example Sentences

You can also roll a ball of goat cheese in these bright petals and place it atop a salad.

I skipped the red sauce—Susan and my father-in-law generally don’t like it—kept the goat cheese, and layered on thin-sliced tomatoes, shredded artichoke hearts, Parmesan cheese, fresh basil, and dried oregano.

Avocado muscles to the stage in an alluring salad, buttery chunks of green fruit cloaked with mojo verde and dressed with tangy goat cheese and micro-cilantro, punchy as pepper.

I gained an appreciation for sweet potato skins, which are rich in fiber and can be used to hold delicious concoctions like mashed kale and goat cheese.

I’ve added chickpeas and goat cheese coins, coriander croutons and green olive tapenade.

Bake the goat cheese packages for 15 to 20 minutes, until golden brown.

A French green bean salad with warm goat cheese reminds Ina Garten of having lunch in Paris.

Upon entering, I spot Sevigny seated in the back, feasting on a plate of oysters, a goat cheese salad, and iced tea.

The coiffed and preened diners look up from such offerings as wild Alaskan sockeye salmon and goat-cheese tart.

This bruschetta, topped with squid, tangy goat cheese, fragrant mint, and sweet roasted garlic, is a meal on toast.

They received moneys from the sale of their wine, and sent me to the city to buy bread and goat-cheese.

A typical small goat cheese from Forez, in a section where practically every variety is made with goat milk.

Sometimes sheep milk may be added, even cow's, but this is essentially a goat cheese.

No matter how you slice it, goat cheese is always notable or noble.


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