[ god-giv-uhn ]


  1. given by, or coming directly from, God:

    the God-given laws.

  2. welcome; propitious; opportune.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of God-given1

First recorded in 1790–1800
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Example Sentences

And this, in turn, reinforced the religious vision of a God-given binary.

In America, we reserve our God-given right to be god-awful wrong.

It turns a god-given right into a government-given privilege.

Brooks: Lacking work in television, I had to find another outlet for my God-given brilliance.

There are several other causes of pinkness though our God-given presence of a second eye often helps limit the possibilities.

After the first exhibition of her pictures in Berlin, her "God-given talent" was several times mentioned by the art critics.

Sing forth the god-given prayer to the wild host of your Maruts, endowed with terrible vigor and strength.

The liberality of the Macedonians is described as "the grace of God given in the Churches."

In the next chapter the Prophet utters his God-given denunciation of these false prophets and prophetesses.

An inspiration, almost God given, seemed to flash upon the old trader at the instant.





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