God knows

  1. Also, God only knows . Only God knows, that is, neither I nor anyone else knows, as in God knows where I've stored those photos , or God only knows how many people will join the march . [Second half of 1500s]

  2. Truly, certainly, definitely, as in God knows I need a winter coat . This expression, which originated about 1300 as God wot , does not necessarily imply that God is all-knowing but merely emphasizes the truth of the statement it accompanies. The variants using goodness and heaven are euphemisms that avoid taking God's name in vain. [Second half of 1500s]

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Idioms and Phrases

Also, goodness knows ; heaven knows .

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Example Sentences

Yet, for god knows what reason, his name is never brought up in the “Great American Filmmaker” conversation.

Now in his old age, Hitchcock develops crushes on young women, gives them money, and asks them to do God knows what.

Not enough that Democrats can win Arkansas, God knows, but maybe enough that they can nail down North Carolina again.

God knows I would expect to be hated daily if I invented GOOP.

The door is open, whether there will be others, only God knows.

If I have been in fault, God knows that I have erred through ignorance, that it was wholly unintentional on my part.

God knows, all that we have now are a bitter disappointment to those of us with any of the old ideals left.

Jean was to be an architect—God knows why—but Aristide settled it, definitely, off-hand.

You would degrade yourself to my level; and, God knows, mine is a very low level.

I am true in intention, God knows, but I must carry a crippled arm for the rest of my life, must I not?


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