[ god-erd ]


  1. Robert Hutch·ings [huhch, -ingz], 1882–1945, U.S. physicist: pioneer in rocketry.


/ ˈɡɒdɑːd /


  1. GoddardRobert Hutchings18821945MUSSCIENCE: physicist Robert Hutchings. 1882–1945, US physicist. He made the first workable liquid-fuelled rocket


/ gŏdərd /

  1. American physicist who developed numerous rockets and rocket devices, including the first successful liquid-fueled rocket (1926), the first instrument-carrying rocket that could make observations in flight (1929), and the first rockets to exceed the speed of sound.

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Example Sentences

Not wanting to disrupt the clam, Goddard, of the University of California, Santa Barbara, photographed it and shared the images with a colleague.

Since the launch of the FT’s climate hub Climate Capital in January, the FT’s page views of climate content have more than doubled, according to Goddard.

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Goddard describes the GT as “extremely comfortable,” and “extremely accessible.”

Like most doctors, Goddard doesn’t shy away from prescribing medication to help patients manage challenging conditions when appropriate.

He chose “Goddard” as the middle name for one of his sons in homage to Robert Goddard, the founder of modern rocketry.

Paulette Goddard emerged as a favorite for Scarlett, right up until Selznick saw and heard Leigh.

Goddard was accused of abusing Michael Egan in Hawaii when Egan was a teenager.

The motion was filed today by Goddard's legal representatives, the Weintraub/Tobin law firm, in the federal court in Hawaii.

When the teenager was 14 or 15, the suit contends, Goddard communicated that he loved John Doe.

Later, when the boy was 15 or 16, Goddard insisted he strip and they lay on a bed naked and kissed, the suit alleges.

This curious document, which was signed by one of his ancestors, still remains in possession of Major Goddard.

Soon after, Goddard appeared again, and implored him for Heaven's sake to come up and see for himself, or all would be lost.

That night the Sergeant came along and said, "Goddard and Wilson, go out on listening-post."

I remembered it, too; Professor Goddard, whose sudden and singular death left such lasting regret, was the Orator.

Smith closed the Martyrs with celerity and Goddard began to swear.


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