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[ god-lee-nuhs ]


  1. the quality or practice of conforming to the laws and wishes of God; devoutness and moral uprightness:

    To be wise is to live in godliness, reflecting the nature of the kingdom of God in the course of everyday life.

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Example Sentences

In the West, violence and spirituality—frontierism and godliness—have been inextricable.

Dorie Greenspan, NYT CookingAs someone of the belief that the combination of miso and maple is akin to godliness, I am the target demographic for Dorie Greenspan’s miso-maple loaf.

From Eater

Scientists want to understand how their perceptions compare to godly encounters sober people have, in terms of quality, authenticity, and lasting effect.

House of Cards appears to posit that ruthlessness is next to godliness.

God rejects the hypocritical fasts of the Jews: recommends works of mercy, and sincere godliness.

And because he considered that they who had fallen asleep with godliness, had great grace laid up for them.

If cleanliness be next to godliness, a good cleaning would do it good and improve its affinities.

Members of churches have been zealous in every good work, and yet have known nothing of godliness but the form.

Of the man who has the form of godliness, but who has never felt its regenerating and life-giving power.