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[ goh-ingz-on, awn ]


, Informal.
  1. conduct or behavior, especially when open to criticism:

    We had never seen such goings-on as at the last dance.

  2. happenings; events:

    The American newspaper kept her in touch with the goings-on back home.


plural noun

  1. actions or conduct, esp when regarded with disapproval
  2. happenings or events, esp when mysterious or suspicious

    there were strange goings-on up at the Hall

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Word History and Origins

Origin of goings-on1

First recorded in 1765–75; noun use of present participle phrase going on

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Example Sentences

“Essentially the very public goings-on with the uncle and the way that was handled did trigger us to reconsider,” Scott said.

In his more-than-a-dozen books, he has thoughtfully mined the goings-on of the ape world for insights about the human one.

The goings-on at Deccan Chronicle demonstrate the state of the industry.

The goings-on of the Shreveport werewolf pack and Alcide (Joe Manganiello)?

Over a healthful meal of chicken and vegetables, the pair sat and gossiped about the latest goings-on.

Yes, if I were no longer worried by your tongue, and if it changed your temper and your goings-on.

If hotel servants know all about his goings-on evenings, what stories may they not tell if they choose?

The white pig, disturbed and puzzled by the unwonted goings-on above his head, had refused to go to bed.

I used to think maybe some day they'd transfer me down to Hooperstown—there's moving pictures and such goings-on down there.

What I say is, you must give information to the police, and have these goings-on stopped.





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