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  1. Arthur Joseph, 1908–90, U.S. jurist, statesman, and diplomat: associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court 1962–65; ambassador to the U.N. 1965–68.
  2. Reuben Lucius Rube, 1883–1970, U.S. cartoonist, whose work often depicts deviously complex and impractical inventions.

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Example Sentences

Bessemer’s Goldberg turned to Twitter last year following a tip from an investor, who said joining the tech conversation there was more valuable than an MBA.

Goldberg studies galaxies at Drexel University in Philadelphia, Penn.

“Our design and product teams love hearing feedback from customers, especially young people like Kamryn, and we take suggestions into consideration as we work on future products,” Goldberg said.

“I don’t believe Hideo Kojima could have flown from Japan to New York for a live show, so the virtual show was something that he was able to do,” Goldberg said.

Goldberg said that the Atlantic has been punching above its editorial weight, taking on the Times and the Post with a far smaller staff, but it is still a sizable and expensive operation.

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Yes, I know Whoopi Goldberg made comments last week that were viewed as defending Cosby.

The lady who Goldberg is referring to is Barbara Bowman, one of the victims who agreed to testify in the 2006 case.

A lazy off-season afternoon in Palmer's house is like being trapped in a Rube Goldberg cartoon.

A brand new set was then unveiled as Goldberg welcomed us to the new season.

A basketball player in her teen years, Goldberg became a veteran of various exercise fads in adulthood.

Maybe this Goldberg-ocracy of theirs had been forced upon them by the sheer complexity of the population and its problems.

Mr. Goldberg engaged us for his little theatre at Willow Grove.

Lauriston defeats Army of Silesia at Goldberg with heavy loss.

In Rachel Goldberg's case the making of muslin, lace-trimmed corset-covers was an art rather than a craft.

Rachel Goldberg had finished four dozen of extra-fine garments, which meant seventy-five cents, and it was not yet eleven o'clock.





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