[ gohld-bur-ger ]


  1. Joseph, 1874–1929, U.S. physician, born in Austria: discovered the cause of and treatment for pellagra.


/ gōldbər-gər /

  1. Hungarian-born American physician who investigated the cause and treatment of pellagra. He demonstrated that contrary to common belief, pellagra was not an infectious disease but a nutritional disorder caused by an unbalanced diet and cured by the addition of fresh milk, meat, or yeast.

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Example Sentences

“Being a landlord is like any other business — a service is provided, and payment is expected for that service,” Goldberger said.

“We will continue to work with community groups and will file evictions only when there is no reasonable alternative to doing so,” Goldberger said in an email.

Frimet Goldberger wrote in the Jewish Daily Forward about her son undergoing MBP.

Trump Tower Philadelphia also involves a former cocaine dealer, Raoul Goldberg, aka Goldberger.

Goldberger laid the handkerchief on the table, at last, and turned back to the body.

"I shall be very glad of Dr. Hinman's help," said Goldberger, shaking hands with him.

There was something impressive in the words, and Goldberger slowly lowered his arm.

At a sign from Goldberger, Simmonds opened a suit-case and placed a bundle on the table.

Goldberger joined me and together we followed Hinman into the house and up the stairs.


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