[ gohldz-bur-oh, -buhr-oh ]


  1. a city in E North Carolina.

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Example Sentences

Myra Gordon, 35, a mother of six who lives in Goldsboro, went to pay her respects at the memorial to Martin.

In Goldsboro, residents poured into churches to pray for the victim, for his family, and for peace.

They charge all the devastation committed during his march from Atlanta to Goldsboro' upon him.

Dr. Goldsboro' says I shall be better in a hot climate; but he won't let me out of his hands yet.

I inquired about his family, and enabled him to write a note to his mother, which was sent her afterward from Goldsboro'.

The next day he was gone, and had retreated on Smithfield; and, the roads all being clear, our army moved to Goldsboro'.

But recently she had yielded to the urging of her own family to visit them in Goldsboro, North Carolina, her old home.


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