/ (ˈɡɒləp) /

  1. to eat or drink (something) quickly or greedily

Origin of gollop

dialect variant of gulp

Derived forms of gollop

  • golloper, noun

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How to use gollop in a sentence

  • gollop sometimes assumed that prodigious seriousness when about to pass out specimens of his best humor.

    Mixed Faces | Roy Norton
  • Jimmy gollop, like most commercial travelers of the first flight, not only knew how to wear clothes but what clothes to wear.

    Mixed Faces | Roy Norton
  • "I hope you remember me too, Mr. gollop," she said, after he had automatically shaken hands with her mother.

    Mixed Faces | Roy Norton
  • Mr. James gollop, beginning to feel more thoroughly at home, was now thinking with ease and adroitness.

    Mixed Faces | Roy Norton
  • Mr. James gollop settled himself comfortably into a seat therein and emitted a great sigh of content.

    Mixed Faces | Roy Norton