/ (ˈɡɒmərɪl) /

  1. Scot a slow-witted or stupid person

Origin of gomeril

C19: of uncertain origin

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How to use gomeril in a sentence

  • Mayhap he will be as David to your Goliath, thou great gomeril!

    The Black Douglas | S. R. Crockett
  • He'd rather get the better o' Graeme in an argyment as settle wi' him over twenty sons, the ould gomeril.

    The Turn of the Road | Rutherford Mayne
  • As if I mattered a tup's head, the silly gomeril, bless him!

    The Yeoman Adventurer | George W. Gough
  • Wasn't she the jewel of the world altogether, an' how could he ever have been such a gomeril as to doubt her?

    North, South and Over the Sea | M.E. Francis (Mrs. Francis Blundell)
  • Eden stared at her friend with the astonishment of a gomeril at a contortionist.

    Eden | Edgar Saltus