[gon-dl-uh or especially for 1, gon-doh-luh]
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  1. a long, narrow, flat-bottomed boat having a tall, ornamental stem and stern and sometimes a small cabin for passengers, rowed or poled by a single person who stands at the stern, facing forward: used especially on the canals of Venice, Italy.
  2. a passenger compartment suspended beneath a balloon or airship.Compare car1(def 4).
  3. an enclosed cabin suspended from an overhead cable, used to transport passengers up and down a ski slope or over scenic or treacherous terrain.
  4. Also called gondola car. an open railroad freight car with low sides, for transporting bulk freight and manufactured goods.
  5. a truck whose bed or trailer is a hopper, as for transporting mixed cement.
  6. a freestanding structure for displaying merchandise in a retail establishment, as a supermarket.
  7. a chair or couch having a gondola back.

Origin of gondola

1540–50; < Italian < Venetian, probably < Medieval Greek kontoúra small boat used in coastal navigation, noun use of feminine of kóntouros short, clipped, literally, dock-tailed, equivalent to Late Greek kont(ós), kond(ós) short + Greek -ouros -tailed, adj. derivative of ourá tail
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  1. a long narrow flat-bottomed boat with a high ornamented stem and a platform at the stern where an oarsman stands and propels the boat by sculling or punting: traditionally used on the canals of Venice
    1. a car or cabin suspended from an airship or balloon
    2. a moving cabin suspended from a cable across a valley, etc
  2. a flat-bottomed barge used on canals and rivers of the US as far west as the Mississippi
  3. US and Canadian a low open flat-bottomed railway goods wagon
  4. a set of island shelves in a self-service shop: used for displaying goods
  5. Canadian a broadcasting booth built close to the roof over an ice-hockey arena, used by commentators

Word Origin for gondola

C16: from Italian (Venetian dialect), from Medieval Latin gondula, perhaps ultimately from Greek kondu drinking vessel
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Word Origin and History for gondola

1540s, from Italian (Venetian) gondola, earlier in English as goundel, from Old Italian gondula, of unknown origin; perhaps from Rhaeto-Romanic dialectal gondola "roll, rock," or perhaps a diminutive of gonda, name of a kind of boat. Meaning "cabin of an airship" is 1896, though it was used hypothetically in 1881 in a prediction piece titled "300 Years Hence":

You step into an aerial gondola ... and are at once borne upwards.
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