[ guhn-zah-lis ]


  1. Richard Alonzo Pancho, 1928–1995, U.S. tennis player.

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Example Sentences

Gonzales wrote checks from the partnership account to herself and her own company, the lawsuit alleges.

Gonzales stresses that we cannot use old solutions for new problems, and that these communities have the power to level the playing field.

Under the rules of the House, Gonzales was only speaking about a draft amendment.

The Congressional Record also included a copy of the amendment, immediately after the motion, as Gonzales had requested during his speech.

Jones would have been the first openly LGBTQ person from Texas elected to Congress if she defeated Gonzales.

Richard Garey, 56, a soccer coach in Gonzales, Louisiana, knows how it feels.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales ultimately resigned amid a firestorm of congressional questioning and outrage.

Surviving Survival by Laurence Gonzales What makes some people more resilient than others?

Gonzales resists the temptation to tell only stories about flourishing survivors.

Abortion: Gonzales v. Carhart upholding the federal partial-birth abortion ban.

Not exactly a stranger, senor, since you are a friend of my friend, Leon Gonzales.

Six months he worked on the famous Gonzales child-stealing mystery.

As a result, many of the colonists now urged independence of government, and begged Gonzales Pizarro to accept the throne of Peru.

Hall followed Simon and Gonzales through the small corridor which took them to the sick room.

They had an early dinner with Gonzales and his daughter, avoiding all serious discussion until Lavandero arrived.