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good time


, Prison Slang.
  1. time deducted from an inmate's sentence for good behavior while in prison.



  1. (of a person) wildly seeking pleasure

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see have a good time .

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Example Sentences

And you can do it while having a good time, or you can do it while having a bad time.

That kind of threat is only likely to make people rally around Putin, and now would not be a good time for that to happen.

Once I quit trying to be clever, a good time was had by all.

Better yet, a fair amount sounds like the participants were having a good time.

However, one thing is clear at APEC this year: nobody is having a good time.

In good time he had selected and laid out the inevitable field of battle with military prescience of the first order.

This is splendid galloping ground, and coaches always made good time here, both in the old times and the new.

Edward's envoys, at last despatched on December 8, were still in very good time.

I can't tell you how I have longed for a girl's good time here in San Francisco—denied all these years, and my birthright.

Every girl should have one girl's good time, and although mine is belated, it would be silly to let it pass.


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