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good behavior


  1. satisfactory, proper, or polite conduct.
  2. conduct conformable to law; orderly conduct:

    The convict's sentence was reduced for good behavior.

  3. proper fulfillment of the duties of an office, especially a public office:

    The incumbent could not be discharged during good behavior.

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Example Sentences

When it came time for sentencing, however, the judge wasn’t ready to let Elize walk free, instead giving her 19 years in prison, albeit with the opportunity to have regular unsupervised furloughs should she demonstrate good behavior behind bars.

Outside in Culture House’s Avant Garden is a selection of posters devised by contributors to the Viral Art Project to encourage good behavior during the pandemic.

Reward your pup for good behavior even while you’re far from home with this remotely-controlled and super-smart dog camera.

This system of earning scholarship money based on “good behavior, character, and proficiency” is written into the deed.

That’s because the school offers high-stakes scholarships, earned with good behavior and grades during students’ time at MHS, that can backfire for those who start college but don’t finish.

This long-term system both punishes poor behavior and rewards good behavior, which is key here.

The Constitution permits judges to be removed when they no longer exhibit “good behavior.”

With good behavior he would be out of adult prison in eight and a half years.

There were rewards for good behavior—such as a dip in a swimming pool—and punishments for bad behavior—such as extra chores.

All this good behavior and restraint makes for boring conversations.

They still hold my wife and children as hostages for my good behavior.

It is one of the famous ill health resorts of Africa, but on this occasion it was on its good behavior.

But Professor Farrago refused to resign unless your position was assured, subject, of course, to your good behavior.

On revising the statutes good behavior was made the term of tenure for the judges and clerks of common pleas.

He could not tell Madeleine that her dowry was to be the bribe received by Raoul for his future good behavior and past crimes.





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