good luck charm

[ good-luhk-chahrm ]

  1. a small object, such as an amulet, worn or carried on one's person and believed to bring good luck or good fortune: The lieutenant carried the gold coin with him for the rest of the war as a good luck charm.She brought the miniature stuffed shark to her dissertation defense as a good luck charm—and to remind herself to be fierce.

  2. something or someone seen as bringing good luck or good fortune:The team seems to win whenever Smith sings the national anthem, so they’re calling her their good luck charm.A simple sound effect—a man's brief, agonizing cry while being attacked by an alligator—has become a Hollywood in-joke and a good luck charm for various filmmakers.

  • Also called luck·y charm [luhk-ee chahrm] /ˈlʌk i ˈtʃɑrm/ .

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How to use good luck charm in a sentence

  • He admitted that he'd come just to try out his good luck charm—and what was wrong with that?

    ...Or Your Money Back | Gordon Randall Garrett
  • He wished to send her his “anting anting” (his good luck charm), and some little money he had saved before the war began.

    Bamboo Tales | Ira L. Reeves
  • I swear I never could have passed in Latin but for your good-luck charm.

    The Little Colonel: Maid of Honor | Annie Fellows Johnston