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good nature


  1. pleasant disposition; kindly nature; amiability.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of good nature1

late Middle English word dating back to 1400–50
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Idioms and Phrases

A cheerful, obliging disposition, as in Ted is known for his good nature—he's always willing to help . [Mid-1400s]
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Example Sentences

According to a 1974 profile in Nuclear News, Wilkins was known for “his quick intelligence, … his directness and good nature.”

Just his playfulness, just his openness to anything, his good nature.

From Time

If I don't hear from you very decisively to the contrary, I shall come, and trust to your good nature to forgive it.

How much brighter still might that Genius shine, could it be equally inspired by Good-nature!

He's getting a little stiff in the joints of his good nature, but a good dose of flattery'll limber him up considerable.

Worse now understood the young man's troubles, and, in his good nature, would willingly endeavour to help him.

And Val, in his good-nature, bore the infliction passively so long as she kept civil and peaceable.


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