[ good-awl ]


  1. Jane, born 1934, English primatologist and zoologist.


/ gdôl /

  1. British zoologist whose study of the life and habitat of the chimpanzee has greatly increased understanding of primate behavior. Goodall's research demonstrated that chimpanzees are capable of complex emotional relationships, and have the skill and intelligence to make tools. She has been a leader in international conservation efforts.

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Example Sentences

Goodall is a master storyteller, people often cry in her presence without knowing why, and it’s part of the reason she’s such an effective ambassador for the Earth.

From Time

Goodall says she can understand why young activists feel they need to be more assertive.

From Time

In the rest of the house, wooden shelves are crammed with books, figurines and photographs—souvenirs from Goodall’s life as the world’s best-known naturalist.

From Time

Goodall, though, is still, arms crossed and eyebrows raised.

From Time

Goodall has said that helping us to ditch this idea — to blur the line between humans and the rest of the animal kingdom — has been her greatest achievement in life.

From Vox

In a statement, Goodall said that the copying was “unintentional,” despite the large amount of “borrowing” she engaged in.

Goodall was apparently so moved by the book that she failed to notice that it was, in fact, famously written by Thomas de Quincey.

Daws told the Post that he has no recollection of ever having spoken to Goodall—a conversation one imagines he would remember.

An added sentence—possibly from an actual interview Goodall conducted with Aplin—followed by a pilfered (and truncated) one.

No one wants to criticize Jane Goodall—Dame Goodall—the soft-spoken, white-haired doyenne of primatology.

Johnny Goodall, who was some practical joker at that time, went into the bar and saw Finnegan lying on the floor.

For its discovery, we are indebted to the industry and research of Goodall.

Building ground near the town was rising in value; and she had been advised by Mr. Goodall to part with her little estate.

He has paid ready money for this bit of land to begin with, or Goodall would never have let him have it.

Jackson and Goodall were both poor swimmers and would have fared very badly alone.


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