[ good-speed ]


  1. Edgar Johnson, 1871–1962, U.S. Biblical scholar and translator.

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Example Sentences

Goodspeed was working with data from the 2006-7 American Community Survey, which became available in 2008.

But this is in no way a criticism of Rob Goodspeed, who made the image.

Goodspeed did an excellent job with the data he had, and he was still too conservative in his estimate.

He bade the wanderers farewell and goodspeed with much impressiveness and sent messages of good-will to their parents.

And if that's the case, there's a whole lot of folks would be mighty glad to know it—Henry G. Goodspeed for one.

Mr. Ellis owed a number of bills, had owed them for a long time, and Mr. Goodspeed's was by no means the smallest.

The speaker came to me, and then I saw that it was Lt. Goodspeed, who was acting as adjutant of the regiment.

Gosnold, guiding the Goodspeed, is now making his last voyage, for he is to die in Virginia within the year.