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goose egg

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noun Informal.
  1. the numeral zero, often used to indicate the failure of a team to score in a game or unit of a game: a pitchers' duel, with nothing but goose eggs on the scoreboard.
  2. a lump raised by a blow, especially on the head.
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Origin of goose egg

1350–1400; 1885–90, Americanism, for def 1; Middle English: the egg of a goose
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nobody, nonentity, zip, nothingness, blank, zero, naught, void, nada, nought, diddly-squat, zippo, nullity, scratch, nihility, extinction, nonexistence, trifle, diddly, nix

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Historical Examples of goose egg

  • The patriots were routed, scoring a goose-egg and losing Philadelphia.

    Comic History of the United States

    Bill Nye

  • It was swollen shut, puffed out to the size of a goose-egg, and blue as indigo.

  • On good rich soil, the average size may be that of a goose-egg, which it resembles in form.

    Soil Culture

    J. H. Walden

  • The next man was neatly struck out, and a goose-egg went up in St. Louis's frame.

  • "Goose-egg" on one side matched "goose-egg" on the other until the end of the fifth inning, when the engineer knocked a home-run.

Idioms and Phrases with goose egg

goose egg

Zero, nothing, especially a score of zero. For example, Our team did badly, earning goose egg, or My income from writing this year was goose egg. This expression is an Americanization of the earlier British duck's egg. [Mid-1800s]

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