[ gawr-dee ]


  1. Berry, Jr. born 1929, U.S. music and record producer: founder of Motown records.

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Example Sentences

The Gordy massacre clearly had a traumatic effect on poor Jupe, who witnessed his castmates getting mauled firsthand.

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It’s his Stockholm Syndrome, chained as he is to Hollywood ideals, that makes him attempt to turn the UFO into his new Gordy—because even in the worst case bloody scenario, maybe a good SNL skit and a few thousand bucks will come out of it.

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In March 1977, Marvin Gaye was going through a divorce from his then-wife Anna Gordy Gaye.

When I went to Gordy's house to make the tape, Jaz asked if his man could rhyme on it as well.

Berry Gordy was my idol, and Ashford and Simpson were my favorite songwriters.

I went home and did some research on Gordy, Motown, Diana Ross, the Supremes, Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

The music Gordy created at Hitsville is the greatest cultural export the U.S. has ever produced ... from my point of view.

Why Gordy no one quite knew now—whether because his name was George, or by way of corruption from Guardian.

For Gordy, when absolutely forced to face an unknown woman, could bring to the encounter a certain bluff ingratiation.

And it came—a hard moment and a long one, for Gordy sat full span over his wine.

She had to wait a little, for Gordy and his bailiff were down there by the tennis lawn, but they soon moved on.

They had not been down to the old place for many years; indeed, since Gordy's death it was generally let.





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