[ gawr-uhm ]


  1. a town in SW Maine.

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Example Sentences

The boy blames himself, not his father, but when asked what would have happened if Gorham had locked up the gun, he didn’t hesitate.

Though Minnesota’s law is among the least restrictive in the country, Gorham said he would understand if prosecutors, who didn’t reply to requests for comment, decided to charge him with a crime for his son’s decision.

“Go look in the room and see if the gun’s there,” Gorham recalled his eighth-grader texting.

“I’m just as much as fault as he is,” said Gorham, who installs carpet for a living.

In the aftermath, Gorham’s older son, who also attended Plymouth Middle, had heard his brother might be responsible.

The houses too had not been entirely destroyed by Gorham's men.

One of these, Marquis L. Gorham, was the originator of the self-sizing device that regulates the size of the bound sheaf.

Shouldering our faithful "grips" next morning, we started for the railway and took the train for Gorham.

It had been one of the finest mansions in town once on a time, but had deteriorated rapidly since old Captain Elijah Gorham died.

Lount, Gibson, Nelson Gorham and others occasionally reinforced him by their presence and their oratory.