[ gawrp ]

  1. a mixture of nuts, raisins, dried fruits, seeds, or the like eaten as a high-energy snack, as by hikers and climbers.

Origin of gorp

First recorded in 1955–60; origin uncertain

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How to use gorp in a sentence

  • And now, following custom, he was inviting the friends and sometimes allies of the dead Paft to a gorp hunt.

    Plague Ship | Andre Norton
  • On one the largest, the captive gorp, still curled in a round carapace protected ball, was bound with the net.

    Plague Ship | Andre Norton
  • Instead the gorp drew in upon itself until it resembled an unwieldy ball of indestructible armor and there it remained.

    Plague Ship | Andre Norton
  • If the gorp was affected by this attack he could not tell, for both attacker and victim could no longer be seen.

    Plague Ship | Andre Norton
  • Freed from the net, suspended by its sealed claws, the gorp swung back and forth from a standard set up before the high seat.

    Plague Ship | Andre Norton