[ goth-uhm, goh-thuhm got-uhm, goh-thuhm ]


  1. a journalistic nickname for New York City.
  2. an English village, proverbial for the foolishness of its inhabitants.

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  • Gotham·ite noun

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Example Sentences

Like most urbanites, my eyes were carefully attuned to the sidewalks, and seeing Jody’s bike was like ticking a square in some game of Gotham bingo.

On the East Coast, both New York City Mayor Eric Adams and New York Governor Kathy Hochul have seen their polling numbers collapse, with three-quarters of Gotham residents telling pollsters they fear for their personal safety.

From TIme

He loves the city, and in fact, there’s a nod to Gotham in his show – a line from one of the songs reads, “I love to listen to the subway hum and watch the rats play with the trash.”

Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl, and Red Hood must protect Gotham after Bruce Wayne passes away.

From Time

Werzowa, Gotham, Levin, and Röder deciphered and transcribed the sketches from the 10th Symphony, trying to understand Beethoven’s intentions.

Amirpour cautions, however, that Bad City is only “Iran, Iran” as far as Gotham City is New York.

Giulavogui cried, 55 years old and less than a decade in America, but sounding like a Gotham newsboy from another era.

He told Gotham magazine that he was the youngest in a family with six sisters.

Whereas Gotham mopes in the shadows, The Flash bursts like a splash page.

Maybe Gotham is the live-action superhero show we deserve, just not the one we need right now.

When speaking of the city of New York do not refer to it as "Gotham."

There is an avenue of elms a mile in length, framing at the extremity a view of the Gotham hills.

This is Gotham, where wisdom was once to be found; for are not its wise men proverbial?

No Anglo-Saxon can see them without thinking of the nursery rhyme of the "wise men of Gotham who went to sea in a tub."

Like a wise man of Gotham, he jabbed his thumb into the mixture, and asked, "Are those mine?"