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or Gott·land

[got-luh nd; Swedish gawt-luhnd, gawl-luhnd]
  1. an island in the Baltic, forming a province of Sweden. 1212 sq. mi. (3140 sq. km). Capital: Visby.
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Related formsGot·land·er, Gott·land·er, noun
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Historical Examples

  • After this the great bone of contention was the isle of Gotland.

    The Swedish Revolution Under Gustavus Vasa

    Paul Barron Watson

  • If Sweden should continue the war in Gotland, she was to pay for all damage she might do.

  • Surely "Gotland" is nearer to "Geotland" than to "Geatland."


    R. W. Chambers

  • He had a third battle in Gotland, in which he also gained the victory, and made a great booty.


    Snorri Sturlason

  • Gotland was also a fairyland, but it stayed up through a man bringing fire to it.

British Dictionary definitions for gotland


Gothland (ˈɡɒθlənd) or Gottland (ˈɡɒtlənd)

  1. an island in the Baltic Sea, off the SE coast of Sweden: important trading centre since the Bronze Age; long disputed between Sweden and Denmark, finally becoming Swedish in 1645; tourism and agriculture now important. Capital: Visby. Pop: (including associated islands) 57 677 (2004 est). Area: 3140 sq km (1212 sq miles)
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