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  1. Adolph, 1903–74, U.S. painter.

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In 2017, then-FDA Commissioner Gottlieb announced an ambitious plan to change the way Americans consume nicotine.

From Time

“I have made enough faces,” Garbo told actor David Niven when he asked her about it, Gottlieb reports.

Garbo was only in Hollywood for 16 years, and 24 movies, Gottlieb writes.

He pooled his money with a brother and a friend and bought Mayfair, by Gottlieb, and set it up in the garage.

“The University of Illinois has been a model program,” Gottlieb says.

From Vox

Donadio and Gottlieb agreed that Toole was “wildly funny, often funnier than almost anyone else around, and our kind of funny.”

At first, Toole made remarkable headway in gaining the attention of Simon & Schuster editor Robert Gottlieb.

I read the works of Gottlieb Frege despite his anti-Semitism.

In this 1962 painting, called “Ochre and Black,” Gottlieb shows us pulling a face.

A new biography of her career and impact by Robert Gottlieb captures her wild life as no one has before, says Michael Korda.

Gottlieb Conrad Pfeffel, one of the best poets of Germany, died.

Oppenheimer and Gottlieb object to commercial preparations on different grounds.

Oppenheimer and Gottlieb report cases of mixed hay fever where the skin reacts to pollen but the pollen extract failed to cure.

Moretz seeing no cause for concealment, told the count of the visit of Gottlieb Spena, the book-hawker.

In these Marieken had sought oblivion when she might not have her Gottlieb!





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