[gwahsh, goo-ahsh; French gwash]

noun, plural gouach·es [gwah-shiz, goo-ah-shiz; French gwash] /ˈgwɑ ʃɪz, guˈɑ ʃɪz; French ˈgwaʃ/ for 3.

a technique of painting with opaque watercolors prepared with gum.
an opaque color used in painting a gouache.
a work painted using gouache.

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Origin of gouache

1880–85; < French < Italian guazzo place where there is water ≪ Latin aquātiō, derivative of aqua water

Can be confusedgauche gouache

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Also called: body colour a painting technique using opaque watercolour paint in which the pigments are bound with glue and the lighter tones contain white
the paint used in this technique
a painting done by this method

Word Origin for gouache

C19: from French, from Italian guazzo puddle, from Latin aquātiō a watering place, from aqua water

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Word Origin and History for gouache


1882, from French gouache, from Italian guazzo "water color," originally "spray, pool," from Latin aquatio "watering, watering place," from aquatus, past participle of aquari "to bring water for drinking," from aqua (see aqua-).

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