/ (ˈɡaʊdʒə) /

  1. a person or tool that gouges

  2. Irish dialect a low-class city lout

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How to use gouger in a sentence

  • Mr. gouger, a young merchant residing at Ava, was then with us, and had much more reason to fear than the rest of us.

  • But the next day Mr. gouger's property, to the amount of fifty thousand dollars, was taken and carried to the palace.

  • He had worked as a gouger for a while when the blocks were bought up.

    The Black Opal | Katharine Susannah Prichard
  • Mr. Roseleaf, sitting upright, in an attitude of strained attention, inquired what Mr. gouger meant.

    A Black Adonis | Linn Boyd Porter
  • Mr. gouger, though feeling that it was best to use little circumlocution, had not meant to wound his caller.

    A Black Adonis | Linn Boyd Porter