[ goold ]


  1. Chester, 1900–85, U.S. cartoonist: creator of the comic strip “Dick Tracy.”
  2. Glenn Herbert, 1932–82, Canadian pianist and composer.
  3. Jay, 1836–92, U.S. financier.
  4. Morton, 1913–1996, U.S. composer and pianist.
  5. Stephen Jay, 1941–2002, U.S. paleontologist, biologist, and science writer.


/ ɡuːld /


  1. GouldBenjamin Apthorp18241896MUSSCIENCE: astronomer Benjamin Apthorp. 1824–96, US astronomer: the first to use the telegraph to determine longitudes; founded the Astronomical Journal (1849)
  2. GouldGlenn19321982MCanadianMUSIC: pianist Glenn. 1932–82, Canadian pianist


/ go̅o̅ld /

  1. American paleontologist and evolutionary biologist who with Niles Eldredge developed the theory of punctuated equilibrium in 1972. He published numerous books which popularized his sometimes controversial ideas on evolutionary theory among the general public.

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Example Sentences

Gould’s recording of the beetle showed an air bubble trapped along the creature’s upturned belly.

“At first, I just assumed it must have been a bug that had fallen into the water and was swimming across the surface,” Gould recounts, “but then realized the bug was upside-down and below the water’s surface.”

“There often isn’t one magic bullet that’s going to fix everything,” Gould said.

He patented his walkie-talkie in 1938, at the age of 20, and was tinkering with a wrist-size version when Gould came calling.

Older workers could take jobs that would typical go to entry-level applicants, Gould said.

From Fortune

Other writers and editors and feminists in all fields took to Twitter to defend Gould.

His movie producer character, Bobby Gould, is restrained but still crackling with energy.

When did Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould tell you about their idea for a spinoff?

You and the late American evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould often disagreed over your respective theories on evolution.

And I think [Gould] was guilty of using a poetic language to conflate those three kinds of episodic changes.

Id have made more of it, added Bobby, only Miss Gould didnt seem to care for that kind of poetry.

Miss Gould will confine her lectures this week in English to the discussion of plays and play-making.

Miss Gould called me and I hastily thrust the papers, which I particularly told you were the question papers, into this drawer.

Mr. Baring-Gould says that Brychan lived in the fifth century, and that Morwenna was probably his grand-daughter.

Mr. Baring-Gould evidently uses the word piscina as meaning the whole recess beside the altar.


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