/ (ɡaʊl) /

  1. Midland English dialect the substance often found in the corner of the eyes after sleep

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How to use gowl in a sentence

  • Then, uttering one deep, cavernous “gowl” it came straight for them.

    Haviland's Chum | Bertram Mitford
  • A single “gowl” came from his throat, as he was flung back off the sharp horns of the antelope.

    The Young Yagers | Mayne Reid
  • Ere he had reached the corner, a gowl of anger and grief struck his ear, and he wheeled eagerly.

    The House with the Green Shutters | George Douglas Brown
  • At this the heart within me gave way, and I roared out in my helpless pain a perfect "gowl" of anger and grief.

    The Men of the Moss-Hags | S. R. Crockett