/ (ˈɡreɪdlɪ) /

adjective-lier or -liest
  1. Midland English dialect fine; excellent

Origin of gradely

C13 greithlic, greithli, from Old Norse greidhligr, from greidhr ready

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How to use gradely in a sentence

  • Nay; I was but thinkin' that Mr. Moore's Bob'll look gradely writ under yon.

    Bob, Son of Battle | Alfred Ollivant
  • And in the Dale the unanimous opinion was that the young couple would make "a gradely pair, surely."

    Bob, Son of Battle | Alfred Ollivant
  • Sweet peas is gettin' on gradely, and Fair Maids o' France, just ready for the fair maids who buy 'em!

    The Fortunes of Philippa | Angela Brazil
  • But I couldn't lick him gradely because th' landlord come in and stopped us; so after a while I went hooum.

    The Book of the Bush | George Dunderdale
  • One old woman over eighty came all the way from Castlesteads to see her last of "the gradely leddy," as she called her.

    Heriot's Choice | Rosa Nouchette Carey