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[ graj-oo-ey-tid ]


  1. characterized by or arranged in degrees, especially successively, as according to height, depth, or difficulty:

    a graduated series of lessons.

  2. marked with divisions or units of measurement.
  3. (of a bird's tail) having the longest feathers in the center, the others being successively shorter.
  4. (of a tax) increasing along with the taxable base:

    a graduated income tax.


/ grăjo̅o̅-ā′tĭd /

  1. Divided into or marked with intervals indicating measures, as of length, volume, or temperature.

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Other Words From

  • non·gradu·ated adjective
  • over·gradu·ated adjective
  • un·gradu·ated adjective
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Word History and Origins

Origin of graduated1

First recorded in 1645–55; graduate + -ed 2
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Example Sentences

Having graduated Juilliard last spring, Alex Sharp is too young to have given the performance of a lifetime.

The moment came where newly graduated cops customarily toss their white gloves into the air in celebration.

Dean Todd remained my friend until I graduated in 1988, with my degree in English literature.

I had graduated NYU just a few years earlier and begun a career in publishing, but the addiction got the best of me.

Trotter graduated magna cum laude from Harvard and became the first black man named to Phi Beta Kappa.

He graduated at Yale college, and at the commencement of hostilities was appointed to the chief command of the Connecticut troops.

Plain and graduated tubes accompany the instrument; milk-tubes (Fig. 128) must be purchased separately.

She is a country school-ma'am, and is to be graduated this month in the Normal School in Mayville, where you are visiting.

Lily aped the manners of girls who had long since graduated from school and were flashy in their dress and manners.

He graduated as a lieutenant in 1852, and for some years was attached to the staff college as an assistant professor.





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