/ (ˈɡrælək, Scottish ˈɡrælɒx) British /


the entrails of a deer
the act or an instance of disembowelling a deer killed in a hunt

verb (tr)

to disembowel (a deer killed in a hunt)

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Word Origin for gralloch

C19: from Scottish Gaelic grealach intestines

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Examples from the Web for gralloch

  • It was too dark to do more than pull him out of the water and gralloch him, and we had a hard paddle back to camp in the dark.

  • I remember, during the gralloch, some dreadfully poor charcoal-burners appearing on the scene to beg for food.

    Unexplored Spain|Abel Chapman
  • Say that again, you foul-mouthed dog o' Fife, and I'll gralloch you like a deer!

    Doom Castle|Neil Munro