[ gran ]


, Informal.


/ ɡræn /


  1. an informal word for grandmother

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Word History and Origins

Origin of gran1

First recorded in 1860–65; by shortening
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Example Sentences

Dubbed the Gran Risa, it’s a steep, twisty slope considered one of the Alpine tour’s toughest.

The real star of Gran Turismo 7 will be PlayStation 5’s DualSense controller, with haptic feedback and adaptive trigger features that should make the “real driving simulator” pretty darn lifelike.

From Time

This Gran Fondo in early October is perfectly timed to watch the lush hills of Virginia’s Blue Ridge Parkway turn red and gold.

Attempts to export shale oil and gas, for example, have run smack into legal and regulatory barriers as old as a Gran Torino.

Or perhaps you recognize him from Flags of Our Fathers, Gran Torino, or Invictus.

But Eastwood is also loved by young voters who remember him in Million Dollar Baby and Gran Torino.

The Gran Torino is a dinosaur, and so is Walt Koslowski (Eastwood).

This may explain why Warner Bros and Sony, in addition to Paramount, are pursuing the strategy for Seven Pounds and Gran Torino.

He's very tall an' gran', an' w'ars fine close, an' han's is white as a cotton bat, but his eyes doan set right in his head.

He did come,—a big, gran' man, wid a look which made me glad Miss Dory was in heaven 'stead of livin' wid him.

To Mildred he was one of that numerous army of brevet relations known as gran-pop, pop, or uncle.

"Ay, an' it's a gran' price for onybody wha kens aboot it," said auld Jamie Lauder.

"It's an awfu' gran' book, Rob," she would say after a time, while she strove to subdue the sobs in her breast.


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More About Gran

What does gran mean?

Gran is an informal word for grandmother—the mother of a person’s parent.

The word granny is used in the same way. A similar word for a grandfather is gramps.

Gran should be capitalized when it’s used as a proper name, as in Please tell Gran that I miss her. 

But gran does not need to be capitalized when it’s simply used as a way to refer to her, as in Please tell my gran that I miss her. 

Example: It doesn’t matter what you call your gran, as long as you call her.

Where does gran come from?

The first records of the word gran come from the 1800s. The word granny is recorded earlier, in the 1600s. In words like grandmother and grandma, the d is often unpronounced, making them sound like they start with gran (or gram). The prefix grand- is used in family terms to indicate a person who is one generation removed, as in grandparent and grandchild.

Grandmothers often have special bonds with their grandchildren (who they’re known to spoil with love, affection, and candy). It’s common for grandchildren to refer to their grandmothers with informal names. Grandma is perhaps the most common variant of the word grandmother, but there are many others, including gran, granny, grandmom, gramma, grandmamma, and nana. Many families have their own specific version, such as meemaw and MaMotts.

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How is gran used in real life?

Gran is one of the many informal variants of the word grandmother. When it’s used as a proper name, Gran should be capitalized.



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My gran is 98 years old and is as active as ever.