[ gruh-nah-duh; Spanish grah-nah-thah ]

  1. a medieval kingdom along the Mediterranean coast of S Spain.

  2. a city in S Spain: the capital of this former kingdom and last stronghold of the Moors in Spain; site of the Alhambra.

  1. a city in SW Nicaragua, near Lake Nicaragua.

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How to use Granada in a sentence

  • His fourth, "Zoraide di Granada," was such a success that he was exempted from further military Early operas service in 1822.

  • The marquis carried them away to Granada, whither we followed also, I being sorely hurt in the shipwreck.

    Fair Margaret | H. Rider Haggard

British Dictionary definitions for Granada


/ (ɡrəˈnɑːdə) /

  1. a former kingdom of S Spain, in Andalusia: founded in the 13th century and divided in 1833 into the present-day provinces of Granada, Almería, and Málaga

  2. a city in S Spain, in Andalusia: capital of the Moorish kingdom of Granada from 1238 to 1492 and a great commercial and cultural centre, containing the Alhambra palace (13th and 14th centuries); university (1531). Pop: 237 663 (2003 est)

  1. a city in SW Nicaragua, on the NW shore of Lake Nicaragua: the oldest city in the country, founded in 1523 by Córdoba; attacked frequently by pirates in the 17th century. Pop: 95 000 (2005 est)

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Cultural definitions for Granada


[ (gruh-nah-duh) ]

City in southeastern Spain.

Notes for Granada

A major tourist attraction in Granada is the Alhambra, a magnificent fortress and palace complex built by Spain's Muslim rulers in the Middle Ages on a hill overlooking the city.

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