adjective, grand·er, grand·est.

noun, plural grands for 13, grand for 14.

Informal. an amount equal to a thousand dollars: The cops found most of the loot, but they're still missing about five grand.

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Origin of grand

1350–1400; 1920–25 for def 14; Middle English gra(u)nd, gra(u)nt < Old French grant, grand < Latin grand- (stem of grandis) great, large full-grown

Related formsgrand·ly, adverbgrand·ness, nounun·grand, adjective


a combining form used in genealogical terminology meaning “one generation more remote”: grandfather; grandnephew.

Origin of grand-

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large or impressive in size, extent, or consequencegrand mountain scenery
characterized by or attended with magnificence or display; sumptuousa grand feast
of great distinction or pretension; dignified or haughty
designed to impresshe punctuated his story with grand gestures
very good; wonderful
comprehensive; completea grand total
worthy of respect; finea grand old man
large or impressive in conception or executiongrand ideas
most important; chiefthe grand arena


short for grand piano
plural grand slang a thousand pounds or dollars
Derived Formsgrandly, adverbgrandness, noun

Word Origin for grand

C16: from Old French, from Latin grandis



(in designations of kinship) one generation removed in ascent or descentgrandson; grandfather

Word Origin for grand-

from French grand-, on the model of Latin magnus in such phrases as avunculus magnus great-uncle

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