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adjective,grand·er, grand·est.
  1. impressive in size, appearance, or general effect: grand mountain scenery.

  2. stately, majestic, or dignified: In front of an audience her manner is grand and regal.

  1. highly ambitious or idealistic: grand ideas for bettering the political situation.

  2. magnificent or splendid: a grand palace.

  3. noble or revered: a grand old man.

  4. highest, or very high, in rank or official dignity: a grand potentate.

  5. main or principal; chief: the grand ballroom.

  6. of great importance, distinction, or pretension: a man used to entertaining grand personages.

  7. complete or comprehensive: a grand total.

  8. pretending to grandeur, as a result of minor success, good fortune, etc.; conceited: Jane is awfully grand since she got promoted.

  9. first-rate; very good; splendid: to have a grand time; to feel grand.

  10. Music. written on a large scale or for a large ensemble: a grand fugue.

noun,plural grands for 13, grand for 14.
  1. Informal. an amount equal to a thousand dollars: The cops found most of the loot, but they're still missing about five grand.

Origin of grand

First recorded in 1350–1400; 1920–25 for def. 14; Middle English gra(u)nd, gra(u)nt, from Old French grant, grand, from Latin grandis “great, large, full-grown”

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  • grandly, adverb
  • grandness, noun
  • un·grand, adjective

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  1. a combining form used in genealogical terminology meaning “one generation more remote”: grandfather; grandnephew.

Origin of grand-

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/ (ɡrænd) /

  1. large or impressive in size, extent, or consequence: grand mountain scenery

  2. characterized by or attended with magnificence or display; sumptuous: a grand feast

  1. of great distinction or pretension; dignified or haughty

  2. designed to impress: he punctuated his story with grand gestures

  3. very good; wonderful

  4. comprehensive; complete: a grand total

  5. worthy of respect; fine: a grand old man

  6. large or impressive in conception or execution: grand ideas

  7. most important; chief: the grand arena

  1. short for grand piano

  2. plural grand slang a thousand pounds or dollars

Origin of grand

C16: from Old French, from Latin grandis

Derived forms of grand

  • grandly, adverb
  • grandness, noun

British Dictionary definitions for grand- (2 of 2)


  1. (in designations of kinship) one generation removed in ascent or descent: grandson; grandfather

Origin of grand-

from French grand-, on the model of Latin magnus in such phrases as avunculus magnus great-uncle

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