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Grand Cru

[French grahn kry]
noun, plural Grands Crus [French grahn kry] /French grɑ̃ ˈkrü/. French.
  1. See under cru.
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[kroo; French kry]
noun, plural crus [krooz; French kry] /kruz; French krü/.
  1. (in France) a vineyard producing wine of high quality, sometimes classified by the government as either a Great Growth (Grand Cru) or a First Growth (Premier Cru).
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Origin of cru

1815–25; < French, noun use of crû, past participle of croître to grow < Latin crēscere
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British Dictionary definitions for grand cru


  1. winemaking (in France) a vineyard, group of vineyards, or wine-producing region
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Word Origin for cru

from French: production, from crû, past participle of croître to grow
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Word Origin and History for grand cru



from French cru "vineyard," literally "growth" (16c.), from Old French crois (12c.; Modern French croît), from croiss-, stem of croistre "growth, augment, increase," ultimately from Latin crescere "come forth, spring up, grow, thrive" (see crescent).

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