Grand Prairie


  1. a city in NE Texas.

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Example Sentences

He’d go to Grand Prairie, Texas to give a paid speech and then travel nearby to community centers, church halls, and schools where he’d “kick open the doors” of those in a position to help.

It was 2016, and Henderson, who lives in Grand Prairie, Texas, had delivered her second child just six weeks earlier.

Like her character, Gomez grew up surrounded by religion in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Yes; it is possible he could have received money orders at such places, for example, at Garland or Grand Prairie.

It was in the Grand Prairie area, just south of where we are located.

When you say thinking of its location you are thinking of the general location of Grand Prairie, Tex.

This area constitutes the grand prairie section of lower Illinois.

And you were residing entirely, spending your evenings in your own apartment in Grand Prairie during this period of time?





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