[ grand-kid ]


, Informal.

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Example Sentences

She recalled signing a form indicating that she was selecting home school, but she didn’t realize that by selecting the virtual program the district was pushing, she was taking her grandkids out of the local school system.

During the months when she was finishing “The Haunting of Hill House,” Jackson sends her parents updates on their grandkids and describes baking a nut cake.

Sure, I’d wanted my grandkids to have a record of what Grandpa had experienced, but it also seemed important, in light of recent events, to remind people that law enforcement usually begins with good intentions.

From Time

When highs topped 90 degrees for a few days before returning to the more ordinary 60s, she checked her grandkids and herself into a local hotel for the AC and the pool.

They managed to convince their fellow citizens that taking that approach would benefit their grandkids.

From Vox

In Sutton, you're often described as the "Green boy" or "so and so's grandkid".





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