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Grand Master

  1. the head of a military order of knighthood, a lodge, fraternal order, or the like.
  2. Also grand master, grand·mas·ter. Chess. International Grand Master.
  3. Also grand·mas·ter. (lowercase) a person at the highest level of ability or achievement in any field.
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  1. chess
    1. one of the top chess players of a particular country
    2. (capital as part of title)Grandmaster of Russia
  2. Also called: International Grandmaster chess a player who has been awarded the highest title by the Fédération Internationale des Échecs
  3. a leading exponent of any of various arts
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Grand Master

  1. the title borne by the head of any of various societies, orders, and other organizations, such as the Templars or Freemasons, or the various martial arts
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Word Origin and History for grandmaster


as a chess title, 1927, from grand (adj.) + master (n.). Earlier as a title in Freemasonry (1724) and in military orders of knighthood (1550s).

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