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[Swedish grah-neet]
  1. Rag·nar Ar·thur [Swedish rahng-nahr ahr-toor] /Swedish ˈrɑŋ nɑr ˈɑr tʊər/, 1900–1991, Swedish physiologist, born in Finland: Nobel Prize in Medicine 1967.
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Historical Examples of granit

  • It is the granit feuillete of M. de Saussure, and, if I mistake not, what is called gneis by the Germans.

    Theory of the Earth, Volume 1 (of 4)

    James Hutton

  • Granit′iform, Gran′itoid, of the form of or resembling granite; Granolith′ic, composed of cement formed of pounded granite.

  • It is the granit feuilletée of M. de Sauffure, and, if I mistake not, is called gneiss by the Germans.

granit in Medicine


(grä-nēt)Ragnar Arthur 1900-1991
  1. Finnish-born Swedish physiologist. He shared a 1967 Nobel Prize for research on the human eye.
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