Granite State


  1. New Hampshire (used as a nickname).

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Example Sentences

Republican Scott Brown, the former Massachusetts senator now running in the Granite State, is the best conveyor of the message.

He was told it had gone well, he said, and he has already received two more invitations to the Granite State.

“He was very bitter,” says longtime Granite State Republican eminence and former state attorney general Tom Rath.

Andrew Romano on how ‘Granite State’ finally answered the big question at the heart of the series.

As episodes of this particular series go, “Granite State” seemed relatively uneventful.

The institution was accidental and superficial, and never had any real root in the Granite State.

Farther to the east rose the majestic form of Monadnock, if not the highest, one of the very noblest peaks in the Granite State.

New-Hampshire is rightly and truly designated the Granite State.

Last summer, when business was dull, I went on a vacation, away up into the Granite State.

It was time now for the old Granite State to be opened by the railway.





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