/ ˈɡrænɪz /

plural noun

  1. informal.
    Granny Smith apples

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Example Sentences

The nanas and poppies and grannies and grampses who flocked there to roast in the sun.

Tip for other activists: draw attention to your cause by filling your ranks with nuns and grannies.

On the regular marches, the Grannies for Peace often took the lead and set the pace.

But in the convention center that night, an extraordinary party broke out: black and white, grannies and grade-schoolers.

God ought to spare grandmammas; they never ought to die, the dear, lovely grannies!

Den de others mens jine in, followed up by de fine lil voices o' de gals and de cracked voices o' de old wimmens and de grannies.

As we have seen, she was aware of the sort of jealousy subsisting between these two old Grannies about their adopted grandson.

Dave burst into a shout of unrestrained glee at the discovery that his London and country Grannies were sisters.

Women in childbirth were cared for by grannies,—Old women whose knowledge was broad by experience, acted as practical nurses.